Welcome to our new District Manager and Director!

Welcome to our new District Manager and Director!

Apr 26, 2024

Josh Stanley Hired as District Manager

Green Mountain Water & Sanitation District is proud to announce Josh Stanley as our new District Manager. Mr. Stanley is a long-time GMWSD employee who has demonstrated exemplary abilities and work ethics. He has worked with GMWSD since 1999 in various roles, making him ideally suited to take over District Manager duties. Mr. Stanley prides himself on his management experience in multiple operational areas, focusing on the District's best interests and providing the absolute best customer service. The Board of Directors is happy to provide this opportunity to one of our own. Mr. Stanley is already demonstrating that we are in good hands, and we look forward to working with him on his vision for an excellent district.

Randy Little Appointed as New Director

Randy Litle was recently appointed to fill the vacancy left David Garner. Mr. Little ran in the last election, gaining over 1200 votes for the number three position. He brings to the board and open-minded approach to the current issues and a team player approach to get the job done right. He has served on other local Lakewood Boards and Commissions over the years and earned a reputation for listening to resident concerns to work toward an agreeable resolution.

GMWSD had several EXCELLENT candidates that I hope to see involved in the future. All candidates would be a credit to the district and would be a welcome addition to the 2025 elections for the regular and appointed positions.

Thank you everyone for being involved to make GMWSD a success.

Karen Morgan,

Green Mountain Water and Sanitation Board, President