Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District maintains a 24 hour emergency on call service. 
If you experience any of the issues listed below or have other concerns take the following steps:

  • Check our Twitter feed to see if we are currently working on the Issues.
  • Call our office at 303-985-1581 then dial ext 2. During regular business hours, this will connect you with a customer service representative. If calling after hours, you will be connected with our 24 hour on call service.
  • Provide detailed information about the issue and the location, as well as contact information so that a District representative may be able to contact you regarding the issues, if needed.
We respond to Water and Sewer emergencies within our District Boundaries such as:

Water Main Breaks

Signs to look for:

  • Water leaking or coming up from the street.
  • Unusually low or no water pressure.      

Sewer Main Line Backups 

Signs to look for:

  • Sewage coming up from Manholes on street.
  • Sewage backing up into house.*
*This differs from a blocked customer service line, with a blocked customer service line only water used within the house will back up. A blocked District Main will continue to back up even when you are not using water in the house. If you are unsure if the issue is with your line or the districts main please contact us.  

Issues with District Property

  • Fire Hydrants: Leaking or Damaged.
  • Water tanks: Damaged or Defaced. 
  • Valve and Manhole covers: Misplaced, Missing or Damaged.            

Contact the City of Lakewood at 303.987.7000 for issues with:

  • Storm sewer
  • Irrigation in parks or medians
  • Streets and sidewalks