GMWSD is currently seeking a District Manager / Program Manager. See the job posting below for more information.

Green Mountain Water & Sanitation District is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

Career Opportunities

District Manager / Program Manager

The Position

Appointed by the District Board, the District Manager serves as chief executive officer of the District and implements Board policy. The District Manager determines and executes the organization’s administrative, financial and operational policies, and further manages the administration of the business affairs of the District.

A summary of the District Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Administration and Management
    • Managing the day-to-day operations of the District;
    • Executing strategic and tactical directives of the BOD;
    • Interfacing with customers including solving customer issues;
    • Presenting a formal report to the BOD at monthly board meetings;
    • Developing and maintaining a close working relationship with the District’s legal counsel;
    • Listening to all stakeholders, taking advantage of the knowledge/experience amongst employees and Board
    • Supervise 22 employees and make organizational recommendations to the BOD;
    • Managing Special District reporting requirements
    • Coordinate the issues and concerns of the 5-member BOD;
  • Representing the District
    • on the District on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of other Denver Water distributors and in other forums as deemed necessary;
    • with the City of Lakewood and other governments as necessary for policy disputes and contract negotiations
    • with developers in contract negotiations and engineering policy
    • with the media and public as needed
  • Financial
    • Assisting in the preparation and management of the $24Million annual operating budget;
    • Managing the District’s investments;
    • Make rate and fee suggestions;
  • Engineering
    • Planning and managing the approximately $4-5 Million annual capital improvement plan;
    • Managing District engineering projects and overseeing engineering contractors;
    • Support and ensure compliance with district, state and federal regulations;
    • Overseeing the permitting process, upholding District rules and policies.

The Successful Candidate

The District Manager role represents a professional opportunity for the experienced public administrator to elevate his/her career to serve a quasi-municipal governmental district. According to the Special District Association of Colorado (SDA), the special district form of local government in Colorado fills a vital role in providing many of the basic services and public needs of the people of Colorado, including fire and rescue services, water and wastewater treatment and delivery, parks and recreation amenities, hospitals, libraries and cemeteries. In Colorado, these governmental units perform vital roles to the public, with the SDA reporting over 1,500 special district members.  For the public administrator in search of a career move to a meaningful administrative management role, Green Mountain Water and Sanitation represents a unique opportunity to work with the Board and its citizens.

Qualifications of the Successful Candidate

The successful District Manager candidate will have experience administering and supervising both the operations and the maintenance services of a similar organization through effective leadership and management skills. Preferred qualifications include the following:

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in one or more of the following areas:
    • special districts
    • public utilities
    • municipal districts
    • water/wastewater
  • Minimum of 3 years’ management experience either as head of an organization or a department with second level or supervisory
  • Minimum of 3 years’ project management experience.
  • Effective administration of a related municipal organization or department is desired with experience in water/sanitation desired but not
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business, Public Utilities Management or equivalent work Civil engineering degree preferred
  • Excellent people/HR skills to facilitate the current organizational culture and the ability to work with a
  • Strong teambuilding, oral and written communications
  • Proven negotiation skills
  • Understanding of water and sanitation regulatory requirements or the ability to obtain the knowledge and to come quickly up to speed on these
  • Effective management-level understanding of billing systems, accounting, , and other office administrative systems.

Compensation & Benefits

The compensation and benefits plan are competitive and the anticipated starting salary for the successful candidate is budgeted from $110,000 - $160,000, depending upon experience, qualifications and professional achievement. In addition, all full-time District employees are eligible for a full benefit package, including medical, dental and vision insurance. No relocation benefit is available for nonlocal candidates.

Application Process

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume, including references and compensation expectations.  The District is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications may be emailed to:

Director Roger J. Wendell

or mailed to the following address:
Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District

ATTN: Roger J. Wendell - application

13919 W Utah AVE

Lakewood, CO 80228