2023 GMWSD Budget Information

2023 GMWSD Budget Information

The GMWSD Board of Directors will be voting to approve the 2023 budget in the December 13th Board meeting.

2023 Draft Budget

Information on the 2023 budget

  • GMWSD is not in debt and does not budget to go into debt

  • GMWSD is non-taxable and non-profit.
  • GMWSD enforces rules and regulations that require new development to pay for infrastructure requirements and improvements.
  • GMWSD maintains a reserve saving of money to finance capital projects. This funding for capital projects comes from System Development fees (tap fees) and a percentage of other charges.
  • Utilizing capital reserve funds is vital to upgrading the 70 plus year old water and sewer infrastructure and protecting the system from cyber-attacks and other emergencies.
  • Supply chain issues, labor shortage, and inflation have slowed down the implementation of capital projects since 2020.
  • GMWSD prioritizes efficient and cost-effective operations by utilizing modern software and asset care tools, global information system tracking, cloud storage, predictive maintenance, and long-term planning and engineering modeling. Continuous improvement of all areas of our operations never stops.