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Office Remodel

Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District (GMWSD) is currently working on a design to renovate the District office located at 13919 W Utah Ave.  Over the years, the District has added staff to improve its ability to maintain and operate the District; however, the staff have simply outgrown their space.  It is important to the District to provide uninterrupted service to customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. We have determined the most cost-effective approach is to renovate of the existing office rather than purchase or lease office space in the District.


Over the last year, the District Engineer, Terry Kenyon with Merrick Engineering, has been working with the architects from DL Bloemker & Associates on the building design.  A site application was submitted to Lakewood Planning Department in March, 2019.  The site plan has undergone an extensive pre-application review by the Planning Department.  The current design meets Lakewood’s building codes and will correct our current deficiencies.  The District anticipates that Lakewood will approve the plan in the Fall of 2019 and issue a building permit.  The District has two years to begin construction once the building permit is issued.


When the site plan is approved by Lakewood and the Board of Directors decides when in the two-year window of time they would like to begin construction, the District will select a construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC).  The advantage of using a CM/GC is that the District can utilize the contractor’s expertise to provide input on design ideas that will reduce time and cost.  The CM/GC will carefully plan the construction schedule to minimize disruption to the community.  Construction will take into account customers’ access to the building, noise mitigation, and environmental mitigation.  


The exterior changes that are planned include a new entrance on the east side of the building, additional square footage on the north side of the building with an increase in building height of 6 feet, increased square footage on the south side of the building, relocation of the payment box in the parking lot, redesign of the parking area and removal of an accessory building on the north side of the property. No construction will occur on the west side of the office building at this time; however, the design does include additional parking if at a later time the District identifies a need for additional parking space.  Interior changes will include a new Board room for meetings, additional office space, and ADA compliant building upgrades.  

In addition to renovations at the main office, additional storage space for equipment and parts will be added to the garage on the east end of the property.  The height of the storage building will be raised 7 feet.  

The existing and planned elevations are shown here. Additionally, a set of plans is available for review at the District office.



We welcome your feedback on the proposed renovation; please contact us at manager@greenmountainwater.org


In anticipation, thank you for your patience during the renovation.  We will make every effort to keep you informed with periodic updates to the District website.

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