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2017 Approved Budget

Click here to view the 2017 Budget.

Board of Directors and District Accomplishments May 2014 - April 2016

• Assessment and statement of the District’s water quality in response to recent concerns of lead contamination.

• Complete revamp of the District’s web site, and created new GMW&SD emblem for all vehicles, stationary, etc., and employee identification cards.

• Purchased new safety equipment for road work and implemented a program of increased safety awareness.

• Purchased new vehicles including service trucks and TV (remote sewer inspection) truck to replace aging vehicles.

• Complete re-write of the District’s Rules & Regulations to bring them into compliance with current law and practice.

• Retained attorney Jennifer Ivey of Icenogle Seaver Pogue to attend all Board meetings, provide written meeting minutes, and provide legal advice on all issues as needed.

• Major re-vamp of the District’s investment policy.

• Contracted for provision of solar power to provide a portion of the electricity used by the District.

• Invited every District employee to introduce themselves to the Board of Directors and established a permanent Board agenda item for employee comments.

• Established monthly administrative, and quarterly full staff meetings at which Board members are invited to attend.

• Fly the American flag at the District’s offices 24-7.

Upgrades and Construction

• Annual update of the District’s 5 and 10-year infrastructure improvement plans with the goal of replacing aging infrastructure and to provide service for new development as financial resources permit.

• Repair older clay sewer lines with insituform to extend the life of these lines.

• Construct new forced main sewer line from Union Ridge Lift station to replace 50-year old cast iron line.

• Construct new 18 inch sewer main along Alameda Avenue between Union and Kipling (sponsored by St. Anthony Hospital).

• Construct new North Yellow Transmission Line to improve flows in the Green Mountain Estates area.

• Construct new water mains on W. Hawaii Ave., W. Tennessee Ave., and S. Youngfield Pl.

• Upgrade pump stations with more energy efficient pumps, pump control radios, and security cameras.

2015 Denver Water Quality Report

Green Mountain Water & Sanitation District has a Master Meter Contract with Denver Water Department. Water is purchased by the District wholesale from Denver Water Department and is measured through metering stations at 4th and Independence, and at W Jewell Avenue and W. Yale Avenue.  
For more information about Water Quality Click Here to visit Denver Water's website.
To request a hard copy of this report, Click HerePlease include your name and address.

Bring Your Kid To Work Day!

We had some help from 3 great workers for Bring Your Kid (or nieces!) To Work Day on April 23rd.
Daphne (10),  Kayla (7), and Brooke (8), learned about the water system, took a tour of the district, and helped us get some important work done!
Above the girls learn the importance of flushing hydrants and get a hands on lesson from Mike.
Q: What did you learn today at Green Mountain?
Brooke: About The Water Cycle, evaporation, condensation, perception, and water storage. 
Q: How important is water on a daily basis?
Brooke: Very important, the body needs water to survive.
Q: How can you help save water?
Kayla: When watering plants turn off the water in between plants (use a hose nozzle with shut off valve).
Q: What does your family member do at Green Mountain?
Daphne: He's a great dad! And he operates SCADA, pumps and PRVs. 
Q: What do you want to do when you grow up?
Kayla: I want to do what Doug does, it sounds fun!
Q: What was you favorite part of the day?
Daphne: Opening the fire hydrant.
Thank you for all your help!

Welcome to the new Green Mountain website!

Keep checking back as we will continue to update and add new content. If you need any help navigating the new site please contact us.

New Website Launched!

We have been hard at work designing our new website!
Keep checking back as we will continue to update and add new content. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or need any help with the new site we would ​appreciate any feed back. 
By phone 303.985.1581

Notice of Cancellation of Special Meeting

The special meeting on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 has been canceled.

Notice of Special Meeting

The Board of Directors will be holding a special meeting on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 4:00pm.

The 2015 Budget Has Been Approved

Green Mountain Water & Sanitation District has approved the 2015 budget.
Note: If you wish to print this document you may need to download it and print from your computer.

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